Good morning, it has been a while since I last posted any paranormal Phenomena, as I have needed some time to try and process the reality of what is tragically and unlawfully occurring all across the world.

Just for me, through this corruption and lies the world has been fed, which has brainwashed millions of fear ridden people who are pawns in this evil plan of this so called new world order. Unbeknown to them, regardless of the growing awakening of the people who are fighting like myself, for our GOD GIVEN RIGHTS FOR FREEDOM OF CHOICE which the Enemy is trying to strip away from us.

I have been studying REVELATIONS in the Bible, ( no, I am more Spiritual than Religious) but do believe in a power far greater than ourselves who I choose to call God.


The world will never be the same again, and it will get a lot worse before the storm of deceit and corruption from whom in so called power has lied to us for many many years.

The good news is, very soon, the whole world will be informed, by a species way far more advanced than we could ever imagine, the true extent of what has occurred behind the scenes, which will be the biggest Shock of people’s lives.

My intention for writing the above, which I have intentionally held back, as my website is not a stage for political debate, as there are many other social media platforms for this.

I just felt a strong sense of it being God’s (of my understanding) will for me to try and help his children whilst there is little time left.

OK, let me get back to last night’s events. Here is a video clip I captured of a spirit floating by, which stops, looks at me then disappears. My beautiful, faithful Quola’s spirit reminded me he is always near. Also I do believe that I caught a Extraterrestrial passing through.

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