Woke up with red eyes, early as usual these days, felt very emotional last night whilst looking at Quola’s pictures and missing him even more as time goes by. Being in lockdown is not helping at all, and unfortunately can not get out to promote my book QUOLA’S QUEST at many dog festivals etc, that I was so looking forward to. I know this virus has affected so many in different ways and in the bigger scheme of this upheaval, my disappointment and frustration seems trivial in comparison. Regardless, it still hurts, as my book, which has sentimental emotions for the loss of my precious soulmate Quola and his phenomenal act of loyalty and love, coming back in spirit to comfort me.

I have, during these uncertain times, reduced my book on the kindle on Amazon for 99p for 3 weeks during the lockdown.

Would really appreciate your support for QUOLA’S QUEST to keep his memory in your hearts.

Here is his spirit, saying cheer up Mother Dear, I’m here as always. Bless him.

Can clearly see Quola’s face and legs.

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