Screenshot_2020-04-13-11-39-56-1Well, four weeks in lockdown and I’m wondering how you all are coping and what you have learnet from this so far?

Granted, we all have our own opinions what caused this pandemic and the horrendous suffering andd disarray that we all, one way or another are victims of circumstance.

Personally, I strongly feel the victims have so sadly and needlessly lost their life’s to radiation poisoning with 5G being rolled out, just do the research. Many will be in denial and continue the carry on living there lives turning other cheek to their health being compromised, especially if you have a weak immune system or underlying health issues.

For other’s like myself, when the time occurs when it will be mandatory to have the vaccination and microscopic chip to control everything in our life,s I will be one of many who will refuse.

The payback will result in being outcasts from this world of control and greed, crime and deceit, and us light minded beings will create a world within this corrupt world where all of the above will not exist.

So much is occurring whilst we are in lockdown and I hope and pray that the people of this world will wake up, take your blindfolds off and remove the cotton wool out from your ears.

I have lived in isolation periodically for many years and have seen myself as a lone wolf. Why?  this is why. I witness around me, so many people who place their worth and others on material things, fast cars, properties, how many holidays they have each year, how much money they have, acheivements and status and their standing in society. They thrive on drama, are judgemental, dishonest and have their agendas and self seeking motives.

Thankfully, there are also the light minded people, who see the core of others spirit, not the exterior. Us people are out there but in comparison to so many others in society, are very few and far between.

It has took me most of my 57 years in this life, to realise the influence others have had on my well being and self concept, which in hindsight, did not serve me well and lowered my spiritual vibration.

Today, life is so very different indeed, thank GOD.  I know my worth today and what and whom I CHOOSE to have in my life. people who are selfless, kind and compassionate, honest, genuine people who have my back and want the best for me and bring out the best in me, encouragement, all accepting and non-judgemental realists who say how it is and give of themselves to others.

Due to this horrendous pandemic and the realization of what is occuring, is a very hard pill to swallow, and the impact of this, I am suffering mentally, emotionally and physically, accepting, digesting and finally trying to process that this world will never ever be the same again, as we’ve experienced it.

Regardless, I am embracing this time for change and as tough as it is going to be in the beginning, I look forward with the other light minded tribe of mine to create a new world within this corrupt world the way it should have been, before man destroyed it.

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