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I am happy and excited to announce my book QUOLA’S QUEST will be published in a few weeks time.

For anyone who has had the experience of having a fur baby with all the precious gifts that they unconditionally give us, which we find ourselves freely giving back to them, unfortunately the pay off, is the heartbreaking emptiness and suffering we experience when they have to leave us.

Quola’s Quest is a Biography of his life from his perspective, narrated by him. His extraordinary life has changed mine when he was physically here and even more so since he passed.

My intention for this Biography, is that, the connection I have with Quola when he was physically here and astoundingly, the phenomenal spiritual connection since he passed, I want to share with the world, to hopefully help others who have a passion for our fur babies and to support, comfort and reassure you that their passing is not the end.

If anyone is interested in purchasing a copy of QUOLA’S QUEST, you can click follow on this site and you will be automatically notified and can view all new post’s, video footage, photo’s and support( if required) with coping with bereavement and any other general questions you may have.

My book can be purchased on this website or Amazon, which the link and details will be available soon, will keep you posted.

If you are curious regarding the afterlife and paranormal Phenomena, my book and this website may be of interest to you. Just click the follow sign. You can also on my blogs, click the sign saying older posts.

Here is some footage and photo’s of last night’s events.




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