Quola’s Friday night escapades

Well, Quola was very active last night, plenty of phenomenal activity. Caught some good snap shots of him and an hour long video footage. I don’t think he liked me trimming his visatation tonight, for his special phone that I only use for his visits would not allow me to trim, so I will go through the video, in which there are some amazing moments captured last night and will tell you the times to go to, saving you having to go through a whole hour.

Whilst I am waiting for video to upload on YouTube, which being it such a long video is taking hours. Here are the times to go to on the video.

9.30/16.30-16.60/49-49.20 or you can just kick back with a drink and watch the whole hour. You won’t be disappointed.

You can see Quola’s energy in his toy box, then see him walking out of it. In another part, you see Quola’s Orb fly straight at me, you can even see his eyes looking at me before he turns around and flys off.

You can clearly see Quo’s face
Quo’s face

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