So very often, we hear that old cliché ‘ time is a healer !!! well up until my Soul mate passed, just over two years ago, I must admit, that appeared to be true. Looking back through the years, I have, like everyone else, lost family members and friends who have passed over and have experienced the pain and suffering that goes with it. Yes, at the time you think the pain will last forever and your life will never be the same again and to a degree, well for me anyhow, every loss I have encountered, seems to force me into thinking about life and it’s purpose, death and the afterlife and reinforces how short of a time we really have here in this life time. I don’t know about anyone else, but every time I hear about someone who has passed, I find myself automatically re-evaluating what really is important in my life and as they say ` stop sweating the small stuff.  My gratitude for all of my blessings peaks temporarily, just having that thankfulness that I am still alive, where some do not get to see their bones grow old.

I am very aware that Death is a very taboo subject for many, and for fearing it, a lot of people push it to the back of there minds, in which I fully understand, but I am not one of them, to be honest, Death is always not far from my mind everyday, getting older I think, does prompt you thinking in this department but does not prevent me from living and try to make the most out of each day.

Getting back to how grief does affect us, which is different for each person and the stages of grief can be a long drawn out process naturally, but as time goes by we do regardless, carry on and try and live the best we can with our cherished memories of our loved ones, that will remain in our hearts forever.

Two years have passed since Quola my German Shepherd had to leave the physical world and have described in my recent blog GRIEVING OUR FUR BABIES, how his passing effected me. Today, I can honestly say hand on heart, I will never get over the worse day of my life when I had to make that decision to have him put to sleep, that photographic memory will stay with me forever, but I have the control today, for the sake of my sanity, to be able to put that horrendous memory in a box and keep it locked away, even though it has the capacity to push it`s way up to the forefront, which leaves me feeling physically sick.

I know I am fortunate to have on-going visitations from Quola, which I blogged recently about in GRIEVING OUR FUR BABIES and produced video’s and photo’s of these phenomenal occurrences, and I do believe as long as you are open to this concept of the after life, you may be very surprised what you will encounter. 

I wish with all my heart, that every person who has lost their fur babies, receives a sign from them to let them know they are still spiritually here with us. I just hope my blogs bring some kind of comfort to all that are deeply hurting, just keep talking to them and if you have a Higher Power, do reach out there.





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