Quola’s Orbs

Quola flying by

Quola’s apparition walking besides me

This apparition photo above was captured by a friend, in whom I asked to take a photo of my puppy on the way to the park. Before we left, I clearly remember talking to Quola, my late German Shepherd’s Spirit ( which I do all the time ) and asked him if he is coming with us to one of his favourite parks that I used to take him to when he was physically here.  When we returned home and was looking at the photos of Dexter, my puppy, we came across this photo in which I was shocked. It was the strangest resemblance of Quola. We flew out the door and ran to the exact spot which was roughly 20 steps away from where I lived and stared at the spot where this photo above was taken, thinking it could be paint on the pavement or something else, but the pavement was completely clear.  Looking at the photo, we could see, without a shadow of a doubt that it was a distorted, to say the least, apparition of Quola.  You can see his back legs and his facial features, he obviously wanted to come to the park with us.   

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