Paranormal Phenomena, up until two years ago, to be honest, I really knew nothing about. Yes, through my life I have encountered a lot of strange activity in which I could find no logical explanation for. I have had my hair pulled, been dragged out of my bed, witnessed activity where door handles go up and down on their own, objects being thrown and have seen ghostly apparitions of the deceased. I have experienced premeditated events on many occasions but as alarming as some of those events were, it was easier to dismiss them, for my mind could not rationalize what I witnessed and thought it best to forget about it and move on.

I must admit during the last twenty years, rarely have I experienced anything out of the so called `ordinary.` I am aware that the older I am getting, the thought of death enters my mind more often than not, which fear of the unknown and if there really is an after life, was a persistent and overwhelming emotion that made me question the purpose of life and my existence. 

When my Soul mate passed away, the excruciating pain of fearing I would never see him again, was unbearable, which took me down mentally and emotionally, to a place in my mind which was dark and morbidly harrowing.

Not long after Quola’s passing, for what I witnessed and still continue to do today, has changed my concept regarding the after life. I now understand without any reservations what so ever, that our Souls are spiritual energy that can never die. I also know that when our souls leave our bodies ( which is just a physical transportation to carry our souls around ) the soul can remain with us and manifest itself in ways that may appear baffling, distorted and  leave us in a state of bewilderment.

In my blogs GRIEVING OUR FUR BABIES and QUOLA’S ORBS, I have personal evidence which I have demonstrated through video footage and a collection of snap shots, that supports my experience, in which you can draw on your own conclusions.  My perceptions on life has changed dramatically since Quola has passed, through his divine love and devotion to me, before and after his transitioning, has left me without any shadow of a doubt, that death is not the end and yes our souls most definitely live on.


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