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My name is Gaynor Goodchild, I am 55 and I Live in Bournemouth in Dorset, England. I have written two Memoir’s, ONE LITTLE SPECK and FIFTY BUT WHOS COUNTING?  which details are available on this website. I am currently in the process of completing my third Memoir called QUOLA’S QUEST. 

This Memoir is not the ordinary run of the mill kind of read, it has an authentic intriguing twist to the story, which may challenge the readers perspective.   


I decided to name my Website, Quola’s Quest in memory of my late beloved German Shepherd who so heartbreakingly passed on January 21st, 2017. He was and still is my Soul mate, which our relationship and deep spiritual connection, I can only describe as phenomenally sacred and unique, continues to live on, which you will discover on my site. 

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13 thoughts on “THE JOURNEY BEGINS

  1. I lost my sweet Bella in May she visited me 1 week later and a few more times after


  2. Hi Bethanne, nice to hear from you and so sorry for your loss. Was Bella old and what is she? Would love to see a picture of her. How did she visit you? It is so comforting to know they are still with us, it is just so difficult and painful not being able to cuddle them. I miss Quola every second regardless of it being 2 years. My Dachshund helps so much, he sees Quola too. Did you see the video’s? If you would like to follow me on here, you then can get updates that may be of help and interest to you.
    God bless. X


  3. Bethanne lavine March 6, 2019 — 1:38 pm

    Bella was only 5yrs she had liver cancer I took her home from the vets and spent 22 hrs with her I wasn’t ready to let her go she too was a dachshund I rescued her from a bad situation in 2015 she connected to me she came and visited me 1 week after by throwing the pet brush past my head as I opened the front door it landed right in front of me on the first step it gave me goosebumps but then I realized that it was my Bella letting me know she was still by my side there’s a few others incidents she was my protector my best friend my sweet girl

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    1. Bethanne Lavine March 6, 2019 — 1:42 pm

      I don’t know how to send a picture please help she is on my profile picture too


      1. Aaw she is beautiful, so sad she was taken so young. So happy that she lets you know she remains with you, throwing her brush must have startled you, she sounds like a little minx bless her. We are so fortunate to have our babies with us, wish so many others at Rainbow Bridge site, all had signs too. X


  4. Laurie Phillups March 6, 2019 — 8:28 pm

    Hi Gaynor,
    How do I connect to your site? My Abby, Boston Terrier, passes away about 5 weeks ago. She took a huge piece of my heart with her. She was blind and in heart failure, but was my true friend and 24 hour per day companion, esp the last year of her life due to her blindness. I’ve lost my best friend as well as my 24 hour per day job as her caregiver. I’m pretty lost. My little broken music box will often start playing when I’m in my room. Just since Abby left us …Other than a vision of her as a healthy, sighted pup, those are the signs, but I love the possibility that these are Abby’s signs.

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    1. Hi Laurie, I can really feel your pain of losing your best friend Abby, when they leave there physical body and we can`t hold, cuddle and kiss them, it leaves such a huge hole deep within us. It sounds like your bond with her is so strong that she will watch over you and her beautiful spirit will and from what you described, sounds very clear to me that she is definitely letting you know that only her body ( which is only transportation to carry her soul around ) has died but her spiritual energy can never die. I only say this as I mentioned before, I have living proof my Quola`s spirit is well and truly alive and here with me. That is why I sent a request for you to follow my website so you can see my videos and photographs of my late German Shepherd, in which will give you some reassurance that our beautiful perfect babies are still with us.
      Please let me know if you can access my blogs on my site.
      I am here if you just need to vent or anything else I can do to help my friend.

      Gaynor x


  5. Nice to have met you


  6. I am feeling so heartbroken because my wonderful dog Rudy died suddenly in August. He was 15 but he’d always seemed so young and healthy. Then he came down with an eye infection and it went downhill from there. I think he may have had a brain tumor but it became very clear over the course of a few days that he was dying. I’m so sad because I haven’t had a sign from him and I was so sure that I would. He was my soulmate and we connected on such a deep level. He was the only dog I’ve ever had and his absence is unbearable some days.


    1. Thank you so much for your message, I’m sure you genuinely know I know your pain. Sounds like you have the same soul connection with Rudy as I have with Quola. Please believe me when I say Rudy is with you, just because you have not seen a sign yet, don’t be disheartened, you will once you spiritually adjust. I do not know your beliefs regarding life, the afterlife and do you believe in some kind of spiritual energy, greater than ourselves? There is a reason why I’m asking you this, to try and help and show you how you can be completely open and connected to an amazing spiritual concept. If you don’t mind, can you message me where you stand on a spiritual level and what are your beliefs which will give me some insight as to know the best way to help you connect with Rudy.
      It’s 3 years today since Quola’s passing, and don’t know if you have seen my blog this morning, but I captured him, which the footage and snap shots are on there.
      I am here for you and will help in anyway I can. Look forward to hearing back from you. X

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      1. I do believe in an afterlife and in a power greater than us. I talk to Rudy all the time and hope that he can hear me. That’s why I’ve found it so odd that I haven’t heard from him (or at least I’m not aware of having heard from him).


  7. Bear with me here, how I unintentionally connected with Quola’s spirit, something told me to pick my phone up and start videoing. I turned all lights off before i went to sleep got mobile put flash light on and started talking to Quola whilst videoing slowly round the room. Do this for ten minutes then slow video down to the lowest speed click apply then save. Look at the slowed down video and you will see little orbs. Continue this routine regularly and Rudy will start to manifest his spirit un various ways over time. When your deceased you are pure energy and the spirits that come back use energy here by being attracted to the electromagnetic field i.e phones etc which helps them to manifest their spirit.
    It takes a lot of work for them to do this so be patient. Don’t know what phone you have but may I suggest( if you can afford it ) approx 70 pounds to purchase a soni xperia which i use specifically for making contact with Quola’s spirit. It is so easy to slow video down and perfect for videoing.
    Sounds a tall order, but I promise the results will change your world knowing Rudy and seeing his spirit will relieve and comfort you my friend. Do you live in England, U.S.A ? Got my phone from ARGOS in UK.
    Any problems, I’m here for you x


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